Graduate Researchers

  • Lianne Brito

      • MS-PhD Student (Geotech)

  • Jacob Klingaman

      • MS-PhD Student (Geotech-Structures)

  • Hailey-Rae Rose

      • MS-PhD Student (Geotech-Structures)

  • Jessica Ramos

      • MS Student (Geotech-Structures)

Former Graduate Researchers

  • David Kyle Anderson: MS Student (Structures)

  • Nicolas Berty: MS Student (Structures)

  • Marisa Bosso: MS Student (Structures)

  • Cory Ihnotic: MS Student (Structures)

  • Aditya Jagadeesan: MS Student (Geotech)

  • Erin Nebel: MS Student (Geotech)

  • Adan Salvador Camacho: MS Student (Structures)

Undergraduate Technicians

  • Jonathan Shaw

  • William Flood

  • Davis Holt

  • Jessica Ramos

  • Joelle Westcott

  • Mia Abouhamad (former)

  • David Balcells (former)

  • Sophie Chumakova (former)

  • Robert Drevno (former)

  • Hiral Gandhi (former)

  • Lindsay Guerrero (former)

  • Porter Hawkins (former)

  • Ismail Hussein (former)

  • Michael Nietes (former)

  • Monica Nypaver (former)

  • Hayley Parnell (former)

  • Maddison Philips (former)

  • Lauren Strand (former)

  • Eric Sipocz (former)

  • Aldrich Valerian (former)

CIEST Research Staff

Katherine O'Dell, Project Engineer

Cory Ihnotic, Project Engineer and Technician

Morgan Ulrich, Project Manager

Patrick Dixon, Postdoctoral Researcher

John Hindman, Engineering Technician

Kent Polkinghorne, Technical Specialist

Jaroslav Hruby, Visiting Scholar/ Experimental Consultant

Center for Infrastructure, Energy, and Space Testing

Principal Investigator

Brad Parker Wham, Ph.D.

Assistant Research ProfessorManaging Director of Center for Infrastructure, Energy, and Space Testing
Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering University of Colorado Boulder1111 Engineering Drive UCB 428ECOT 441Email: Brad (d ot) Wham (a) colorado (.) edu

Center for Infrastructure, Energy, and Space Testing